we've put together some questions which we hope answer most of your questions, however if you can't find the answer on this page, please feel free to contact us via our contact form


what is a ‘party printable’?

party printables by zygi.co.uk enable you to create personalised invitations, thank-you cards and beautiful party decorations such as bunting, cupcake wrapper and flags plus much more, in an instant. 

you can download the files immediately after you have selected your products and made your purchase.  then you can have personalise them on your computer, print them, trim them and they are ready to use!

we have a range of designs suitable for many different parties including birthdays, anniversaries, Christening parties, baby showers, leaving parties or if you just want to party! 

what will I receive?

we only sell electronic products.  our kits include single or multi-page PDF files.  in most cases, the PDF file which contains editable pages which can be personalised to your own needs and then printed out, cut and assembled.  there are some copyright watermarks on some of our graphics, these will not be there on the product you purchase


purchasing and receiving

how do I buy a party printable from your website?

select the party printable you want and click ‘add to cart’. 

make your payment through PayPal and once you have made your payment, you will be redirected back to our website and your pdf files will be available to you for download.  once you download your file, make sure you save it onto your computer. 

if I live outside the UK- can I still buy one of your products?

our website does not enable customers from outside the UK to purchase and download from our site however you can buy via our etsy shop at www.etsy.com/shop/zygi



what software do I need?

our party printables are in PDF format and you need Adobe Reader to view, edit and print them.  Adobe Reader is usually loaded on a lot of computers, but make sure that you are using the most up-to-date version.  Adobe Reader is FREE and you can download it here. 

when you download your file, save it on your computer.  open Adobe Reader and then open your file using the file>open command

do your party printables work on an ipad, ipod, iphone or android mobile devices?

no- they can't be edited on mobile devices.  they need to be edited on a computer. 

can I edit them on a MAC?

as long as you open files in Adobe Reader on your MAC.  you should launch Adobe Reader then open the file from the file>open command.  if you use the default viewer, you will not be able to edit your file and it may corrupt it.



how can I personalise the party printables using my own text?

when you receive your file, you will be able to put in your own details.  we have put in some sample text which you can select and type over. 

can I personalise everything in the party printables?

the background graphics can’t be changed.  the location of the text also can’t be modified. 

where can I type in my details?

If you can’t see the fields you can type in, select ‘highlight fields’ (ctrl h on a pc), on the top right of your Adobe Reader screen.  the areas you can personalise will be highlighted.  for newer versions of Adobe Reader, the field highlighting is on by default

do I need any special fonts?

the fonts are embedded in the party printables.  however you can change the font if you want to for most of our printables.

the wording does not fit into your text areas- what can I do?

we have given enough space to include text for your details.  however you can make your text size smaller if you want to add more text in the text boxes.  sometimes we put in extra blank lines to ‘space’ our sample text and you can take these out by using the backspace or delete keys

can I add photos?

you can add photos to the new baby announcements and some of our other printables.

what it I don’t want to print off all the pages?

you can print the pages you want by scrolling to the page you want.  then select ‘CURRENT PAGE’ from the print range options in the print menu options box.

what if I want to save my changes?

that’s ok- you can save your changes and come back to your party printable later



what size paper do I have to print on?

all of our party printables can be printed on A4 or on US letter paper (size 8.5” x 11”).  set the scale to ACTUAL SIZE when you have selected your printer. 

what kind of paper do I need?

you can print on any paper suitable for your printer.  for our invitations we recommend 160gsm paper or heavier however and your cards will look great!  for luxury cards try textured cards such as linen effect or watercolour cards, both available on the web or at good craft suppliers.  always check that these are compatible with your printer.

we do not recommend that you use coloured paper or paper darker than ‘antique white’. 

is there a limited number of prints?

not at all- print as many as you want as long as it is for your own personal use only.  you can save your file and come back to it again and again.


cutting and assembling

once I have printed out my Zygi party printable, what will I need to cut my cards and assemble my party collection?

you will need the basics including

card stock
scissors, paper trimmer
hole punch (for bunting)
glue or double sided tape (for bunting)
ribbon or string (for bunting)

you could also need embellishments including ribbons, glitter glue and crystals.  for some of our more complex products, we have included some more detailed instructions



do I have to register on your site?

yes, you need to register to buy products from our site.  this also gives you the ability to track your orders and downloads.

do you use my details?

we do not sell your details to anyone else. for more details see our privacy page


more help and support

I can’t find the answer to my question on this page- what can I do?

use our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.