How to make Christmas Advent calendar stars

How to make Christmas Advent calendar stars

Difficulty rating- easy

Time to make 24 stars- approximately one to one and a half hours


To make these advent stars, you will need

  • Advent star template

  • 6 sheets white printable A4 paper or US letter paper (180 - 200gsm, available from high street stationers or on online stores)

  • printer

  • paper trimmer/scissors  

  • glue, double sided tape or glue dots

  • hole punch for 4-5mm holes (optional)

  • string or ribbon to thread through the stars for hanging

Also, small treats to fill the stars with (1 inch max length)

1.  Print the file at 100%.  Set the printer to print high quality images 


2.  Using a blunt knife or used ball pen, score along all the dotted and dashed lines


3.  Cut out the shape along the solid lines


4.  Punch holes where the crosses are marked.  If you haven't got a punch, cut a cross using a knifehole_punch_the_stars

5.  Fold the stars along the dashed lines to create hill folds


6.  Create the valley folds by bending two adjacent star points together


7.  Glue one of the white triangle shaped tabs near the bottom of the star.  Or use glue dots or double sided tapeglue_the_stars

8.  Align the tabs carefully and stick the tabs together firmly


9.  Repeat on the other side of the star, fill with treats, then seal the other two tabs upmore_sticking_the_stars

10.  Fill the star with treats then seal the last two tabs



11.  Thread the stars onto ribbon or twine


12.  Alternatively create loops of twine or ribbon


Now hang them on the tree or on the mantelpiece and enjoy!